Institutional Set-up for the Extension Portal

Both the National Extension Policy (2015) and the ASPIRE programme are calling for a pluralistic approach to agricultural extension that emphasizes the importance of knowledge management and capitalization through the use of ICT: The Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE) will develop an agricultural extension hub, which will include creating a Information and Communication Technologies and Mass Media Center and an online network of extension workers at provincial and district levels. The DAE also will collect and disseminate/circulate new information and techniques to the network in a timely manner” (National Extension Policy, 2015).

Role of the Extension Hub

The role of the Extension Hub is further defined in the policy and in ASPIRE Programme Implementation Manual as an inclusive institution that coordinates extension providers and sets priorities for delivering relevant quality extension services to farmers by:
• Guiding extension delivery according to farmer’s demand (including research)
• Overviewing extension material creation and dissemination, role of public extension, curriculum development
• Monitoring effectiveness of extension services (incl. quality control)
• Coordinating all extension service providers
• Oversee Extension Portal (ICT) and engaging other knowledge stakeholders

The Extension Portal of the Extension Hub: multi-stakeholders’ governance

The Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE) – under the General Directorate of Agriculture (GDA) of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF) of the Royal Government of Cambodia – leads the implementation of the Extension Hub and Portal. The Extension Portal provides access to tools and analysis developed by the Extension Hub (a team of 7 MAFF staff forms the Extension Hub Team, in charge of day-to-day operation of the Extension Hub and Portal). The Agriculture Extension Advisory Committee is a high level committee that guides extension policy implementation and development in Cambodia.It is seconded by the National Agriculture Technical Committee that provides specialized guidance on technical matters. Both Committees are an integral part of the structure of extension governance in Cambodia and are independent from specific program or project.