the Extension Portal

The Cambodia Agricultural Extension Portal is a collection of tools developed by the Agricultural Extension Hub for all stakeholders in the Agricultural Sector in Cambodia. Its main focus is to distribute and gather extension materials (text-based, audio or video) that can be of use to farmers, field workers, researchers or any extension practitioners in Cambodia. Materials can either be proposed by visitors to the website or by MAFF agencies (numerous existing materials are included).

Stringent quality control mechanisms are in place to assess both the quality of the format and of the content of materials. They are overseen by the high-level Agricultural Extension Advisory Committee (AEAC) of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Cambodia (MAFF) and implemented through a multi-stakeholders process led by the Extension Hub Team under the Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE). Extension Materials (text-based, video or audio) can be submitted after login or consulted as guest in the Extension Library. A brief overview of the quality control process for extension materials is given below.

Other tools that can be accessed through the Extension Portal (see section e-Extension Services) include:

  • * An Agricultural Extension Tracking System (currently focusing on Farmer’s Needs Assessment and Extension Service Providers)
  • * Up-coming Farmer Hotline
  • * A Facebook group to assist Farmers and Field Workers